All images copyright Counterfeit Cow Productions. All rights reserved. 

All images copyright Counterfeit Cow Productions. All rights reserved. 

Matt Heron-Duranti is an American film & television, actor, writer, producer, and director. He is the co-founder and CEO of CCP (Counterfeit Cow Productions, LLC), a company dedicated to creating emotionally provocative films, with an embedded social conscience -

Entertainment while moving hearts and minds.
— Matt Heron-Duranti

CCP was founded in 2011 by Matt and his very talented partner, Sari Gagnon.

Matt began his entertainment career as an actor, working with several major Hollywood studio's; SONY PICTURES, 20th CENTURY FOX, and WALT DISNEY STUDIOS, to name a few.

Between jobs, Matt spent time with pen in hand, developing screenplays for script and screen. What began as a hobby - screenwriting soon became a profession, as Matt was hired to write and develop a reality series for network.

As a writer, Matt has developed several feature screenplays along with several shorts, and two television pilots.

In November '14, "The Marshall Tapes," a short horror film, became Matt's directorial debut, which he also wrote. The project is currently in post-production.

Counterfeit Cow Productions, LLC

As executive producer at CCP, Matt continues to develop and produce new independent projects.

Currently, there are several films in various stages of production, including the documentary feature, Homeless in a College Town (2014), and the "Untitled horror/psychological thriller" project.

Matt is also a content/digital producer at CCP, writing and producing short original videos & online media, along with branded content.

He is also a digital content, and social media consultant - helping organizations, and like minded for-profits, navigate the digital landscape finding innovative ways of reaching their audience'.