Still from the movie The Senators (2015)

MARTY LANG - Director / Producer, Evergreen Pictures

I had the pleasure of working with Matt on my feature film Rising Star, and I could not have been happier with him. He was a total professional - showing up early on his days, taking direction very well, and displaying a positive attitude that the cast, and crew, were quick to notice. And the man is such a talented actor - in the comic role I cast him in, he was perfect. Every take was different, and hilarious. He brought so much to the role that I hadn’t thought of, which shows his preparation was top-notch. I think he’s an actor on the rise, and if you’re putting a project together, I would recommend Matt to you in a heartbeat.
— Marty Lang

ALEX LAFERRIERE - Director, Broken Wall Films

Matt Heron-Duranti is a force to be reckoned with. The natural vibrance of his personality, coupled with his own creative essence is a refreshing wellspring to draw from, both on and off the set. His ability to not only provide the performance you want as a director, but supply you with other personal ideas for a performances is as much a resource to a project as it is to being a fleshed out actor. Matt’s devotion and compassion towards a project instills a full spectrum of confidence that is infectious from the top down. If Matt Heron-Duranti was an Ebay auction, bid with confidence!
— Alex Laferriere

GARY FIERRO - Director / Producer, Road Work Pictures

Matt’s attitude on set is great. Matt is always on time, always ready, and he knows his stuff. As a director it really takes a lot off the shoulders when an actor is in tune to their role, and Matt is always spot on. His immense talent really shows on screen and he brings out the best in everyone around him whether it’d be on or off the camera.
— Gary Fierro